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Kristen Dawn

So, as far as business chit-chat goes, I started shooting weddings in 2009 after
I finished school at Boston University. My sister and I became a photographing team and being fresh out of school we were tackling 30 weddings per season.
It was awesome, we were all over the Cape during the summers and because of that, we grew relationships with the rest of the Cape families that were also in the wedding industry. We became explorers and finding the secret spots that existed off of every exit became our mission. From town to town we kicked off our heels and trudged through the sand and at the end of the night we were always able to point your bridal party to the nearest bar to end your celebration.
If you are looking for any suggestions, I have a list of names that are looking to help make your wedding dreams come true. Cape hospitality is one of a kind and I am so fortunate to be here with all of them.
My sister moved to New York to work her dream job on Wall street and right around that same time is when I met my husband, Kian. He was the coolest guy I had ever met and was happy to pick up a camera and help me out on wedding days. In 2014 he asked me to marry him and we tied the knot the next July.
Seeking out couples with love to share and stories to tell has been it's own kind of adventure. I'm thankful for this path and embrace each wedding like it is - it's own. Getting to know my Brides and Grooms as couples instead of just clients is what makes it all that more special to me. I love meeting new people but the best part of my 'job' really is being involved with you on your biggest day.
I've seen it before, I've been there and I promise to deliver all of your special memories to you, for you to remember and enjoy, forever.
When we have family time we love to, of course, visit the beach with our 3 dogs. My Husband is the ying to my yang and I know, I know it sounds so cliché but I just wouldn't be 100% me without him. Life is beautiful, so beautiful and when someone is by your side to watch the sun rise or set with you, I think that is real beauty.